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Lately I’ve come to the realization that life can be quite tricky. But paired with this realization, is the overwhelming feeling that there is probably something bigger to it all. Almost as if we’re missing the whole point.

For a while, I questioned many things. One can even say that I got sidetracked in these same things. But throughout these moments in life, my sense of awe and thirst for wisdom never once left me – if anything it grew.

Lately I find myself dancing with these things and have even adapted new ways to allow the many lessons in my life to serve me in a monumental way. The father in me couldn’t help but share this with my favorite people in this place – my two children.

You Will is the result of stories entrenched in angst, heartache and very many questions – and how wrestling with all of these things eventually led me to a better place.

Now I won’t pretend to have it all together, but sometimes the best stories involve falling flat on your face and exploring your pain. Others involve tales etched around patience and how grueling acquiring this lost art form can be. Or maybe the questions that come along with our dreams, love and faith and how a God of love can seem so cruel at times.

But then there can come a time when you look back on it all and scratch your head in awe. It’s in these moments that I believe that we’re not so bad – good even? Maybe we just lost our way and are finding a way home. And with that, comes the realization that you were in a classroom with the most loving and influential teacher of all time, the whole time…

But this is just my story


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You Will - Memoirs of a Loving Father

You Will – Memoirs of a Loving Father